Best New Restaurant in Town
Best New Restaurant in Town

Best New Restaurant in Town

Taking the meaning of best restaurant to new heights. Customers are here to enjoy the greater quality and atmosphere.

Some of the highlights of Julia’s Bistro & Bar are:

  • French Fusion Cusine
  • Large Bar Area
  • Brunch for here or to go
  • Social Hour with discounted wine, brews, appetizers
  • Plates made Fresh with Local Ingredients
  • Recipes from France with Mexican Influences

Our team is on a mission to educate the common diner to the food connoisseur. The similarities between French and Mexico cuisines are striking.

Rich flavors that come from similar spices and toppings make the delicious grow into the delectable. When you taste what satisfies and soothes the palate, you understand the simplicity of the exquisite.

This is what has returned to the Alamo City….a place to wine and dine, enjoying every bite. Bring your partner, spouse, family and friends to a place that shares a love of dining right.